Hart Winery, Temecula


Christmas 2016


Zona Rosa Caffe in Pasadena


Road Rage


At a red light last Friday the driver in front of me began to back up, coming very close to my car. I tapped my horn because I thought he was going to hit my front end. His reaction was to give me the middle finger. His anger escalated, the result of which was his pulling over and threatening me, then getting behind me and blasting the horn for several minutes. One way of coping with madness is through art. So I drew a quick ink sketch of this guy which depicts the moment he pulled over to get behind me.

T. Daddy Rice – the rapping teacher

This whole rap thing started last year as a joke. Some kids thought it would be funny if I were a rapper because I’m the least likely person to be one. After all, I’m a huge classical music fan and don’t know much about rap — period and full stop.

The Crucible Audiobook

You may find The Crucible Audiobook at http://www.classicalguy.com/?p=1555

This bog is on the way to extinction, so I thought I’d move anything of merit to my most active site.

. . . Tom Fasano

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