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Hart Winery, Temecula

Christmas 2016

Zona Rosa Caffe in Pasadena

Road Rage

At a red light last Friday the driver in front of me began to back up, coming very close to my car. I tapped my horn because I thought he was going to hit my front end. His reaction was to give me the middle finger. His anger escalated, the result of which was his […]

T. Daddy Rice – the rapping teacher

This whole rap thing started last year as a joke. Some kids thought it would be funny if I were a rapper because I’m the least likely person to be one. After all, I’m a huge classical music fan and don’t know much about rap — period and full stop.

The Crucible Audiobook

You may find The Crucible Audiobook at This bog is on the way to extinction, so I thought I’d move anything of merit to my most active site. . . . Tom Fasano

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