A Room with a View

  I’m hanging out tonight in anticipation of Open House. Since I have a long commute, I stay on nights like these because I’d have to turn right around and come back to school were I to make the drive home. What’s obvious from these snapshots is that my whiteboards display more of my drawing […]

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Road Rage

At a red light last Friday the driver in front of me began to back up, coming very close to my car. I tapped my horn because I thought he was going to hit my front end. His reaction was to give me the middle finger. His anger escalated, the result of which was his […]

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The Crucible Audiobook

This is a full-cast performance featuring Robert Foxworth, Pamela Payton-Wright, Stuart Pankin, and Jerome Dempsey and cast. I use this full audio recording of The Crucible in my classroom and intend no copyright infringement. It’s for educational purposes only. It was produced by The Repertory Theatre of Lincoln Center (under the direction of Jules Irving […]

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